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How to Use LinkedIn Contacts for Your Job Search

By Joshua Waldman

For years, LinkedIn users complained about the weak contact-management features the platform offered their job searches. So in 2013, LinkedIn released its Contacts product for both the website and for mobile devices. If you haven’t started using it yet, you’re missing out!

The Contacts feature lets you:

  • Set contact reminders. This means if there are people you want to stay in touch with every 90 days, you put a 90 day reminder on them, and LinkedIn lets you know when it’s time to reconnect.


  • See your last three interactions. By integrating with your e-mail client, phone, and calendar, Contacts can tell you what your last several interactions were with that person.


  • Tag your network. You can organize your contacts into categories, or buckets. In Contacts you can use the Tag feature to do just that.


  • Get a single view of all your contacts. By aggregating your phone, LinkedIn network, and e-mail contacts, you can see everyone you know (and their contact information) in one place.

  • Get alerted to birthdays, job changes, status updates, and more. Improved settings help you stay on top of your network’s changes. With one click, you can send congratulations or birthday wishes.