How to Be an Outstanding Online Networker - dummies

By Joshua Waldman

Beyond just avoiding being annoying online, you can do some powerful things to become an outstanding networker for your job search using social media. In the end, you want your interactions with others online to grow your career and help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Be genuine. Bring your authentic self to the table. Social media requires authentic communication, so show some personality when you write to people. And always make your intentions transparent from the very start.

  • Be respectful of people’s time. Long e-mails, meandering LinkedIn requests, or other exhaustive interactions often go unread. Get to your point quickly and keep your message short.

  • Show that you’re listening. Because getting information, news, and updates about the people you talk with online is so easy, you have almost no excuse for not knowing what’s going on with a contact. If you demonstrate that you researched someone online before interacting, he’ll respect you more. What are his last three Tweets? What’s changed on his LinkedIn profile?

  • Be positive. Nobody likes to hang around with a complainer. Even if you disagree with what someone says, never take it personally. Try to keep all your interactions as positive and up-beat as possible.

  • Be proactive. Find forums, blogs, or new people to reach out to and interact with. If you’re respectful, people will admire your outgoingness.

  • Make connections between people when you see similarities. If you can make an introduction, go for it. If you find a link to an article that someone may like, share it. The greatest thing you can be for your network is a connector.