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Give before Taking on Social Media when Job Searching

By Joshua Waldman

During a job search, you may realize that you have people in your social media network who you met once, months or years ago, and then rarely hear from. Then, out of nowhere, they send you (along with hundreds of other people on their list) an e-mail with their résumé attached, asking for job opportunities. It’s not very compelling, is it?

To avoid being seen as someone who takes without giving back, keep in contact with your network and try to be of service to others. Here are some helpful ideas:

  • Write someone an unsolicited recommendation; try doing this once a week.

  • Share interesting and helpful articles with your network via status updates on a daily basis.

  • Connect two people with similar interests without being asked.

  • Make exceptions to your rules; for example, if you connect with only people you’ve met in person, break that rule every once in a while when someone seems to really need help.

  • Keep an eye out for job opportunities and send them to people in your network who may qualify.

  • Take someone under your wing and mentor him. Yes, even if you’re early in your career, you have something to offer.