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Getting a Social Media Job For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Getting a Social Media Job For Dummies

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Social media jobs are available in abundance. Finding a position takes skills like smart online search techniques; being offered a position requires strong interview and communication skills; keeping a position means knowing how to use social media platforms and tools.

Using Apps That Make Interviewing for a Social Media Job Easier

Great job candidates prepare. When you’re looking for a social media job, you search online for positions, research potential employers, and practice your interview skills. Add apps to your tablet or smart phone and be even more prepared.

If you’re looking for a job, consider these apps to help you prepare for interviews:

  • Don’t be late for your interview. Beat the Traffic provides live traffic maps, with traffic speeds and incidents on major routes for more than 100 cities. Live traffic cameras are accessible in over 30 cities.

  • You can customize your cover letter or résumé on the fly. Documents to Go Premium is a Microsoft Office suite that lets you open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

  • Of course you’re networking — you’re looking for a job! iPhone will make every call, one by one, for you. iDialUDrive creates a list of all the people you want to talk to that day.

  • To learn more about the people you’re meeting — and you should — check out their professional profiles. LinkedIn provides instant access to your professional network. You can add new contacts on the spot or keep other people in the loop by adding your own status updates.

  • You’re putting together a portfolio and updating your résumé and networking with everyone you know and so of course you need a to-do list. MyTasks sorts your tasks into projects. The projects themselves can have projects within them. Store voice notes and text notes in your tasks to organize your progress.

  • You were supposed to meet for a lunch interview, but you forgot to bring the address? No problem! Poynt lets you find people, businesses, movie theatres, retailers, and restaurants near you. It uses GPS or cell-site locations to pinpoint and quickly deliver information.

  • Do you need to take an umbrella to that interview? The Weather Channel provides a free, custom mobile website for your phone.

Finding Social Media Job Listings and Researching Companies

Finding social media job listings and researching a company you’re interested in is easier online if you know some search tips. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level social media job or are ready for team management, finding hidden job listings — even deep in a company’s website — is possible with these techniques.

Approach What to Include Example
Mix up the search. If you’re searching for a company that uses an
ampersand (&) in its name, try searching with and without the
ampersand. Also, try replacing the ampersand with the word and.
Search with, and without, abbreviations.
noodles & company
noodles and company
noodles & co
Use job. Include the word job or jobs (or career/careers) at the
beginning of your search entry.
Job social media
Put specific job titles inside quotation marks. The marks make the search engine look for the exact
“Social Media Manager”
“Director of Marketing and Social Media”
Try a search with and or or. Use the word OR or AND, in all capital letters, between two
or more options.
manager OR director AND social media OR marketing OR pr OR
public relations
Exclude results. As you narrow down results, you may want to remove details
that don’t apply to your search. Use a minus sign (–) in
front of the word you wish to exclude.
“Media Manager” -print
Focus your search on a specific site. You delve deep into a company’s website. Type site: followed
by the domain name you want searched. Don’t put a space
between site: and the domain name. jobs
“social media” job
Blend technique. Combine the techniques into one long search
“media” OR “social” OR “marketing” job OR jobs AND (California OR CA)

Knowing What to Talk about During a Social Media Job Interview

You know the typical interview questions. Social media job interviewers usually want to know the same types of information. How should you answer an interviewer when she asks, “What’s your greatest weakness?” Consider the following interview tips, and invest the time to prepare.

  • Share a time when you responded quickly to a client’s or customer’s needs. Discuss the process.

  • Talk about how you keep your team motivated. Reference monitoring workload, morale, and satisfaction.

  • Discuss how you proactively help people understand their role in projects or groups.

  • Share how you seek multiple ways to do things differently that will continuously improve the business.

  • Share an example of how you seek out and act on both internal and external feedback.

  • Discuss how you manage ongoing relationships with current and potential customers. Include the topic of trust.

  • Provide an example of how you anticipate changing customer needs and create value.

  • Discuss how you actively listen and incorporate input from others.

  • Share how you seek input from others. Talk about encouragement and listening to different perspectives.

  • Discuss ensuring shared understanding and addressing misunderstandings through open communication and active listening.

  • Provide an example of how you’ve used persuasion to gain agreement.

  • Talk about a situation when you faced a problem with no clear-cut solution. Share how you handled it.

  • Explain how you share professional knowledge with your team. Discuss mentoring and team focus.

  • Refer to groups and organizations to emphasize your scope of industry knowledge. Share examples of competitive knowledge.

  • Describe a time when a deadline was nearing, but you wouldn’t compromise quality. Talk about how you dealt with it.

  • Share an experience when things didn’t go as planned. Discuss how you maintained your resilience.

  • Discuss a high-pressure situation you had to deal with professionally. Share what you did and what you learned.

  • Share a time when you set up a plan to accomplish a long-term goal. Discuss your tactics and the end result.

Being the Best Social Media Employee You Can Be

You got a social media job! Or maybe you’re starting your own social media agency, or joining a start-up. Any way it’s come to you, your career in social media requires certain skills and knowledge.

  • Don’t proclaim yourself to be a guru or expert. If you’re a social media pro without a social media presence, don’t offer advice. Demonstrate how to grow a presence instead.

  • Be consistent. Develop routines and keep a focused message.

  • Pay it forward. Help others extend their reach.

  • Post the right material for the right platform. Babies, dogs, and pictures from the Taco Bell drive-through may have their place on Facebook, but not on LinkedIn.

  • Continue learning, exploring, and investigating. Devote time each week to your own professional development.

  • Balance intuition and analytics. Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t always paint a full picture.

  • Re-evaluate the tools you use every 90 days. That’s long enough to get comfortable with the tool, and to see its strengths and shortcomings.

  • Don’t oversaturate. Presence and branding are key components of social media. However, too many profiles, posts, and projects can confuse your audience.

  • Keep it fresh. Use project and sample work to highlight your expertise. Swap out sample material pretty frequently to give viewers a reason to return. Use color, pictures, and graphs to enhance your presence.

  • Ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to a friend, family member, or colleague to enlist support. Talking through a decision or situation with someone you trust can lead to answers, and possibly, inspiration.