Your My eBay Page - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Using your My eBay page makes keeping track of your eBay life a whole lot easier. And getting there is easy enough. After you enter eBay, sign in through the Sign In link. After you sign in to eBay, you can access your My eBay page by clicking the My eBay link in the navigation area at the top of almost every eBay page.


If you forget your eBay User ID or password when you’re signing in, click the Forgot Your User ID or Forgot Your Password link. For your User ID, you can then type your e-mail address, and eBay will send you an e-mail with your User ID. Your User ID appears in any search results, posts, or pages.

For the password, you have to answer your secret question (the one you filled in when you registered). If you don’t remember that, eBay will send you a password-reset e-mail if you input your correct contact information with telephone number.

After you click the My eBay link, you arrive at your My eBay Summary page. You can access just about anything for your shopping pleasure right here. There will be some handy reminders on the top of this page. All pertinent buying reminders also show up here. In the links on the left, you also find a Summary page that covers your selling business (should you have one).

Bottom line? These reminders help keep your business under control.


The My eBay menus in the navigation area on the left side of the page take you to the main areas of My eBay. Also, look at the left side of the My eBay Summary page. Under the Summary heading are many convenient links that take you to different areas of your eBay business.

The Major Links on Your My eBay Page
Click Here To See This on Your My eBay Page
Buy Every listing that you’re currently bidding on, have marked to
watch, and made a Best Offer on, as well as the items you didn’t
Sell Every listing for items you’re currently selling. Also, there
are links to any listings you’ve scheduled to start at a later
date. Most important, you have links to lists of items you’ve sold
(and not sold).
Purchase History Here you find the receipts and records for the items you have
purchased on eBay. From here you can also contact the seller and if
you have a problem you can’t work out, file a report with
Lists This area links to your Watch List, collections of Searches and
Sellers you follow, as well as any custom lists you make.

In the bottom-left section, under the Shortcuts heading, are important links to activities and information.

Don’t confuse the My eBay page with the About Me page. The About Me page is a personal web page that you can create to let the world know about you and your eBay dealings. (You don’t have to have an About Me page if you don’t want to — but they are free for the taking and are fun to share.)