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Where to Find Your Account Information on eBay

By Marsha Collier

eBay is an easy site to navigate. At the top of all your My eBay pages, you can click one of these tabs to access some of the most important information about your eBay account:

  • Activity: Click here to view handy summaries of your eBay buying and selling activities.

  • Messages: The Messages tab is where you connect to the eBay e-mail system. This tab is a wonderful tool that gives you your own e-mail hubs for eBay business.

  • Account: Mouse over the Account tab to see the drop-down menu that lets you access the individual segments of your account. The main Account tab lets you know how much you owe eBay and how much they will charge your credit card that month. This is a quick way to check your last invoice, payments and credits, and your account; all the links are located in one area.


    You can also access your PayPal account to see, for example, when deposits were credited to your checking account.

    Lots of account options are available:

    • Personal Information: The Personal Information page holds all the links to your personal information at eBay. This is where you can change your e-mail address, user ID, password, and credit card information; and edit or create your About Me page. You can also change or access any registration or credit card information that you have on file at eBay.

    • Addresses: On the Addresses page, you can see the address you used to register on eBay and edit (when necessary) your payment address and primary shipping address.

    • Preferences: An especially nifty aspect of eBay Preferences is that it gives you an opportunity to customize how you run your eBay business. There are sections on your buying, selling, communication, and general preferences. This is an important area for you to check out because setting some of these tools can make your selling career on eBay go far more smoothly.

  • Seller Dashboard: If you’re looking to become a PowerSeller or (even better) a Top-Rated Seller, you should check the Seller Dashboard area with regularity.


  • Feedback: Feedback is a crucial area of the eBay experience. Clicking here shows you where you need to leave feedback, as well as your last few feedback comments.

  • Resolution Center: If you have a buyer who doesn’t pay for an item, you need to file an unpaid-item case to get your Final Value Fees credited back to your seller account. If payment isn’t received, open an unpaid-item case in the Resolution Center.

    An easier option is to use eBay’s Unpaid Item Assistant (you find this by clicking the Site Preferences link). You set your parameters, and eBay will open and close the case for you.

  • PayPal: Links in the PayPal area allow you to view and update your PayPal account information and profile summary. Clicking these links will take you directly to the PayPal website.

  • Half.com Account: Old-time eBay sellers have been threatened over and over with the possible demise of Half.com (eBay’s fixed-price media marketplace), and yet it still hangs on. If you sell or buy on Half.com, you can access your information and transactions from the Half.com Account area.

  • Seller Account: If you want to check to see how much you owe eBay for your listing and sale, or want to make a payment, the Seller Account area is the place to go.

  • Subscriptions: When you subscribe to any of the eBay services, such as Selling Manager Pro or Sales Reports Plus, the Subscriptions area is where you can cancel, upgrade, or edit your level(s) of subscription.