What Do Other eBay Members Know about You? - dummies

What Do Other eBay Members Know about You?

By Marsha Collier

eBay functions under the premise that eBay’s members are buying, selling, working, and playing in an honest and open way. That means that anyone who’s surfing the site can immediately find out some limited information about you:

  • Your User ID and history

  • Your feedback history

  • All the auctions and fixed-price sales you run

  • Sellers you have purchased from in your feedback profile

eBay clearly states in its policies and guidelines that e-mail addresses should be used only for eBay business. If you abuse this policy, you can be suspended or even ousted from eBay for good.

eBay provides limited eBay member registration information to its users. If another member involved in a transaction with you wants to know the following facts about you, they’re available:

  • Your name (and business name if you have provided that information)

  • Your e-mail address

  • The city, state, and country data that you provided to eBay

  • The telephone number that you provided to eBay

Following the transaction, buyers and sellers exchange some real-world information. The exchange of merchandise, money, and information is all part of an eBay transaction. Make sure that you’re comfortable giving out your home address.