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Watch Trends to Find Lucrative eBay Selling Opportunities

By Marsha Collier

Catching trends is all about listening and looking to catch those eBay selling opportunities. You can find all kinds of inside information from newspapers, magazines, television, and of course, the Internet. Believe it or not, you can even find out what people are interested in these days by bribing a kid. Keep your eyes and ears open.

In the news

The media (online or on paper) is bombarded with press releases and inside information from companies the world over. Look for stories about celebrities and upcoming movies and see whether any old fads are experiencing a resurgence. (You can sell such items as retro chic.)

Read the accounts from trade conventions, such as the New York Toy Fair or the Consumer Electronics show. New products are introduced and given the thumbs-up or thumbs-down by journalists. Use that information to help determine the direction for your area of expertise.

On television

No matter what you think of television, it has an enormous effect on which trends come and go and which ones stick. Why else would advertisers sink billions of dollars into TV commercials? For example, at the zenith of its popularity, the Oprah Winfrey Show, could turn a book into an overnight bestseller with one appearance by its author. Tune in to morning news shows and afternoon talk shows.

The producers of these shows are on top of pop culture and move fast to be the first to bring you the next big thing. Take what they feature and think of a marketing angle. If you don’t, you can be sure somebody else will.

Catch up with youth culture

…or at least keep good tabs on it. If you remember cranking up The Beatles, The Partridge Family, or KISS (say what?) until your parents screamed, “Shut off that awful noise,” you may be at that awkward time of life when you hardly see the appeal of what young people are doing or listening to.

But if you want tips for hot items, tolerate the awful noise and listen to the kids around you. Children, especially preteens and teens, may be the best trend-spotters on the planet.

Check out other media

Websites and blogs geared to the 18-to-34 age group (and sometimes to younger teens) can help you stay on top of what’s hot. See what the big companies are pitching to this target audience (and whether they’re succeeding). If a celebrity is suddenly visible in every other headline, be on the lookout for merchandise relating to that person.

Join social networks

So, you say you haven’t been to Facebook, haven’t started to use Twitter, and don’t have a blog or boards on Pinterest? Wow, you’re living in the days of low-res TV! This online social scene is the place to be.

The social web (as it’s called) is branded with the top of the top; the most happening things and products. Join the fun on some social networks, and you’ll soon have a clue to what the “hip kids” are doing now.