Using Facebook and Twitter to Boost Your eBay Sales - dummies

Using Facebook and Twitter to Boost Your eBay Sales

By Marsha Collier

Lots of folks are on Facebook and Twitter for business reasons. Like them, you can use your Facebook page and your Twitter accounts to bolster your eBay sales. Before you can have a business page on Facebook, you must first have a personal page. Setting up your personal page will familiarize you with how Facebook works.

Once you’ve set up your personal page, start these pages for your business:

  • Welcome page: When someone new comes to your business page, you want them to feel welcome and not barraged by a bunch of ads. You may see many business pages set up with ads, but the trends in social media are to apply a more personal slant to your business.

  • eBay listings: On your business page, you can post your eBay listings with a Facebook app called eBay Items. It pulls your listings directly from eBay and posts them to a separate tab on your Facebook page.


Lots of people have Twitter accounts and use these accounts to market their eBay sales. The trick to this is to provide your followers with content. Just as your blog must have content for people to read, so your popularity on Twitter will be based on the content you put there and how engaged with it your visitors are.

A word to the wise: Talk about things that are relevant to you and your business; no one just wants to read a bunch of advertising messages. Your plans on Twitter are to engage and befriend as well as sell.

Join Twitter and find other eBay sellers through sites like and see whose approach seems to be working. Don’t waste your money on any magic marketing programs. Twitter is simple to navigate.

Twitter is one the fastest-growing social media on the Internet. And it’s a lot of fun.