Using Costco Credit Card Processing for eBay Sales - dummies

Using Costco Credit Card Processing for eBay Sales

By Marsha Collier

If you’re running an eBay auction business or store, you know that accepting credit card payments can be expensive. However, Costso offers some true discount credit card processing: a one-stop merchant account and gateway! You can not only buy tuna fish in bulk with a Costco membership, but also obtain a reasonably priced way to handle a merchant account through the NOVA Network.

Costco got together with Elavon, one of the nation’s largest processors of credit card transactions, to offer Costco Executive members a discounted Internet credit card processing service. Costco Executive membership brings the cost of a Costco membership up from $45 to $100, but you get the benefit of receiving 2 percent back for most purchases (not including tobacco, gas, food, and some other purchases).

Monthly fees (normally $4.95 a month), as well as the $25 application fee, are waived for Costco Executive members.

Costco Executive Member Internet Credit Card Processing Fees
Fee Amount
Telephone order fee 1.99% plus $0.27
Internet sales fee 1.99% plus $0.27
Transaction fee to Elavon per transaction $0.27
Monthly minimum transactions $20.00

To get an Internet commerce account, you should already have the following in place:

  • Products and pricing

  • A return and refund policy

  • An active customer-service phone number

  • Posted delivery methods and shipment time

  • A privacy policy stating that you will not share your customer’s information with any other entity

  • A registered domain in your name or in the name of your business

  • A secure order page with https and lock

To begin the application process, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Costco website.

  2. At the top of the home page, click the Services link.

  3. Scroll to the Services for Your Business area and click the Merchant Credit Card Processing link.

  4. Read the information and click the Apply Now link.

  5. Type your Executive Membership number, and fill out the secure form.

    Filling out the form online speeds up the application process.

After sending your form, you’ll receive a full application package by two-day mail. A representative will also contact you by telephone.