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Use Your My eBay All Selling Page to Manage Your Sales

By Marsha Collier

For the new seller, the tools on eBay’s Selling pages are great. They’re simple and get right to the point. To run an eBay business, small sellers can use the All Selling page with the Sell an Item form for individual listings, and these tools should be sufficient.

On the Selling page, you can view details like these for your active listings:

  • Links to listings: Each listing title is a clickable link you can use to go instantly to an item’s page.

  • Current price: This is the starting price of your item (if you have no bids) or the current price based on bids received.

  • Reserve price: This handy feature reminds you of the reserve price that you’ve set on an item. There’s nowhere else to check this.

  • Quantity available: Here’s where you can see how many of the item are still available for purchase on the site. When an eBay store item is listed, this feature shows you how many are left, as well as the original quantity you listed.

  • # of bids: When you see that the price is rising on an item, check out this column to see how many bids have been placed to date.

  • Views/Watchers: This is the number of views your item page received, and the number of people who have selected the item for their Watch list.

  • Time left: In this column, you can see how much time is left (to the minute) in your listing.

  • Actions: This is the handiest column of all. Here you have a link that lets you list a similar item. This is particularly handy if you want to use a template again for another item. It also allows you to revise a listing, add to the description, end a listing, or edit promotions if you have a store.

The my eBay: All Selling area can help you manage your eBay business. After you have a larger number of items for sale, It might be a good idea to upgrade your page to eBay’s free Selling Manager tool.