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Use Free Web Space to Store Your eBay Pictures

By Marsha Collier

There is free web space available to store your eBay pictures. Although most people love the word free, in real life it seems like nothing is really free. Free generally means something won’t cost you too much money — but may cost you a bit more in time.

When your site is free, you may give up the opportunity to have your own direct URL (Universal Resource Locator) or domain name. That is available usually for a small extra fee. You may also have to put up with ads appearing on your site, or not; it depends from whom you get the free space.

While most would prefer a free web space with no ads, that seems to be asking a lot. Surprisingly, there are a few very good, reliable places. The most flexible free sites for an eBay seller allow you to upload images that you can share in your eBay descriptions.

Site Blog or website Total Storage Sharable Images w URL Design Tools website 40 MB Yes Yes website 500 MB No Yes
Google Blogger * Blog 30 GB* No Yes Blog 3 GB2 No Yes

* Storage on all Google Apps is shared from your Google Drive total storage of 30 GB

You might want to consider using a quick and easy HTML generator such as the one in Mozilla’s free SeaMonkey. You can use this with the Firefox FireFTP upload extension for a complete web hookup.

Your first web pages may be simple, and that’s okay. You have to get used to having a website before you can really use it for commerce. Put up a home page that links to a few product-related pages and your eBay listings, and, voilà, you’re in business. If you’re feeling more adventurous about your website, check out website hosts.