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Types of Feedback You Can Leave for an eBay Seller

By Marsha Collier

Every eBay member has a feedback rating. Buyers rate sellers (more on that below), and sellers rate buyers — no one is immune. Although sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral feedback for a buyer, a seller still might comment on how quickly you paid for an item, how well you communicated, or how you reacted to a problem.

Leaving feedback for the seller comes in three exciting flavors:

  • Positive feedback: Someone once said, “All you have is your reputation.” Reputation is what makes eBay function. If the transaction works well, you get positive feedback — and whenever it’s warranted, you should give it right back.

  • Negative feedback: If there’s a glitch (for instance, it takes six months to get your Charlie’s Angels lunchbox, or the seller substitutes a rusty Thermos for the one you bid on, or you never get the item), you have the right — some would say obligation — to leave the seller negative feedback.

  • Neutral feedback: You can leave neutral feedback if you feel so-so about a specific transaction. It’s the middle-of-the-road comment that’s useful when, for example, you bought an item that has a little more wear and tear on it than the seller indicated, but you still like it and want to keep it.

Keep in mind that neutral feedback will affect the seller’s feedback percentage (and reputation). The feedback percentage (next to the feedback number) is calculated based on the total number of feedback ratings received in the last 12 months. This does not include repeat feedback from the same buyer in the same week.

Leaving feedback for a buyer isn’t quite as colorful. A seller can leave only positive feedback for a transaction — or none at all.

You’re not required to leave feedback, but because it’s the benchmark by which all eBay users are judged, you should always leave feedback comments whether you’re buying or selling. Every time you complete a transaction — the minute the package arrives safely and you’ve checked the contents, whether you’re a seller or a buyer — you should go to eBay and post your feedback.