The Perks of Top Ranking eBay Membership - dummies

By Marsha Collier

As an eBay recognized seller, you get a few perks that can help you build your business. The efforts you put into servicing your customers and selling on eBay are rewarded through the PowerSeller and Top Rated Seller programs.

PowerSeller perks

As a PowerSeller member, you will have access to some super-secret places on the eBay site reserved for PowerSellers. There’s a PowerSeller discussion board, and even special items at the eBay store. All this magic is accessed here.


In addition to having their own discussion board, eBay PowerSellers get other benefits:

  • Unpaid Item Protection: PowerSellers not only get Final Value Fee and listing credits when faced with a non-paying buyer, they also get a credit for any Listing Upgrade Fees (for example, Buy It Now, Bold, or Subtitle) — you know, all that extra fluff.

  • UPS rate discounts: You can save up to 23 percent off UPS Standard List Rates for Ground Services, based on a 13-week average. Check here for any changes to the discount system.


  • Health Care Solutions: PowerSellers can build health insurance plans through eBay’s provider.


Top Rated Seller benefits

The highest levels of benefits go to Top Rated Sellers. They get the Unpaid item protection as PowerSellers do, as well as access to the Discussion Board, the UPS discounts, and access to health care plans. There are added benefits:

  • Increased visibility in Best Match search: Now eBay gives the advantage to the listings of the upper half of sellers in terms of buyer satisfaction. Sellers with highest detailed seller ratings within the last 30 days receive more exposure than the average seller.

  • USPS Commercial Plus pricing: Platinum or Titanium level PowerSellers get this rate when you print labels on eBay.

Top Rated Seller Plus benefits

When you have met all requirements and attain the Top Rated Seller Plus status you get these additional perks:

  • Badge: eBay will display the Top Rated Seller Plus badge on your listings.

  • Higher search ranking: You get maximum exposure in search.

  • 20-percent discount on Final Value Fees: eBay discounts the Final Value Fees on the monthly bill to those who maintain high standards and meet the Top Rated Seller Plus requirements.