The eBay Resolution Center - dummies

By Marsha Collier

In the eBay Resolution Center, you can keep track of the disputes in progress and send or receive messages from the other party regarding payment.

If you sell an item on eBay and the buyer backs out (a rare but disheartening situation), you can at least get a refund on some of the fees that eBay charges you as a seller. These are the Final Value Fees, and they’re based on the selling price of the item.

Before you can collect a Final Value Fee refund, the following conditions must apply:

  • After your listing is over, you have to allow a buyer at least two business days to respond to you. If the buyer doesn’t respond, you can send an e-mail politely reminding him or her of the commitment that a buyer makes to buy.

  • If at least four days have elapsed since the end of the transaction and you have the feeling that you’re not going to see your money, you must open an Unpaid Item Case. After you file this notice, eBay sends you a copy, and the bidder gets an ominous e-mail with a reminder to complete the transaction or to respond with a reason.

  • The buyer may have a very good reason (say, someone didn’t read this book and clicked Buy It Now on your item six times), and you are allowed to mutually agree not to go through with the transaction. The buyer must respond when eBay e-mails the buyer for confirmation.

    You have up to 32 days from the end of the listing (or immediately if the buyer is no longer a registered user) to file an Unpaid Item Case — and you can’t get a Final Value Fee credit without filing this alert.

  • The buyer has up to four days to send payment after you file the Unpaid Item Case, or contact you to “work out” payment arrangements. You should try to send a message through the Dispute Console to resolve the situation during this time.

  • If you do not receive a payment, you’ll have to manually close the case to receive your credit. In this case, you must address the issue in the Resolution Center within 36 days or you’re out of luck.

If you began the process and filed for a Final Value Fee credit — but then manage to work things out with the buyer — eBay removes the complaint from the buyer’s account after the buyer pays through eBay’s approved payment methods. Buyers with too many of these warnings, however, can be suspended from using the eBay site.