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Tell Your Story on Your eBay About Me Page

By Marsha Collier

Want to know more about the people behind those User IDs? Thousands of eBay members have created their own personal web pages on eBay (called About Me pages). About Me pages are easy to create — and are as unique as each eBay member. eBay users with active About Me pages have a special ME icon next to their User IDs.

Take your time when you create your About Me page. A well-done About Me page improves your sales because people who come across your auctions and check out your About Me page can get a sense of who you are and how serious you are about your eBay activities. They see instantly that you’re no fly-by-night seller.

Before you create your About Me page, look at what other users have done. eBay members often include pictures, links to other websites (including their personal or business home pages), and links to just about any web location that reflects their personalities, which is why they’re so entertaining. If your purpose is to generate more business, keep your About Me page focused on your item listings, with a link to your website.

Sellers with many sales running at once often add a message to their About Me pages that indicates that they’re willing to reduce shipping charges if buyers purchase multiple items. This direct tactic may lack nuance, but it increases the number of people who look at (and bid on) your sales.

To create your About Me page, do the following:

  1. Go to any eBay user’s About Me page, scroll to the very bottom and click the Create My About Me Page link. If you can’t find the link, go directly to the About Me Login.

    You’re taken to About Me: Create Your Own eBay Personal Page.

  2. If you haven’t signed in, type your User ID and password in the appropriate boxes.

  3. Click the Edit Your Page button.

  4. Select Use Our Easy Step-by-Step Process.

    You’re taken to the About Me layout page. You have a couple layout options, which eBay is kind enough to show you:

    • Newspaper Layout

    • Centered Layout

  5. Click the button that corresponds to the layout option you want.

    You’re taken to a second About Me creation page.

  6. Enter the following information:

    • Page Title: Type the title of your About Me page (for example, Larry’s Lunch Boxes).

    • Paragraph 1: Type a personal attention-grabbing headline, such as Welcome to Larry Lunch’s Lunch Box Place.

    • Text: Type a short paragraph that greets your visitors (something like Hey, I like lunch boxes a lot, only more exciting).

    • Paragraph 2: Type another headline for the second paragraph of the page, such as Vintage, Modern, Ancient, or I Collect All Kinds of Lunch Boxes.

    • Text: Type another paragraph about yourself or your collection (such as, I used to stare at lunch boxes in the school cafeteria . . . only more, you know, normal).

    • Picture: If you’re adding a picture, type a sentence describing it, for example: This is my wife Loretta with our lunch box collection.

    • URL: Type the website address (URL) where people can find your picture.

    • Feedback: Select how many of your feedback postings you want to appear on your About Me page. (You can opt not to show any feedback, but you probably should put in a few comments, especially if they’re complimentary, as in, Larry sent my lunch box promptly, and it makes lunchtime a blast! Everybody stares at it . . .)

    • Items for Sale: Select how many of your current listings you want to appear on your About Me page. If you don’t have any items for sale at the moment, you can select the Show No Items option.

    • Label: Type a caption to introduce your items, for example: Lunch Boxes I’m Currently Selling.

    • Favorite Links: Type the names and URLs of any websites you want visitors to see; for example, a website that appraises lunch boxes (It’s in excellent condition except for that petrified ham sandwich . . . .)

  7. Click the Continue button. (Or, if you don’t like your current layout, click the Back button to go back to Step 1.)

    You’re now looking at your final About Me page. At the bottom of the page, you see a group of buttons.

    • Edit Some More: Returns you to Step 2.

    • Save My Page: Saves your About Me page so that you’re one step closer to publishing it on eBay.

    • Edit Using HTML: If you know HTML code, you can customize your About Me page.

    • Start Over: Takes you to a link page where you can delete what you created and begin again.

  8. When you’re happy with your masterpiece, click the Save My Page button.

    Yes, you did it; now anybody in the world with access to the Internet can find your personal About Me page on eBay.

Don’t forget to update your About Me page often. A good About Me page makes prospective buyers eager to know more about your items. An out-of-date About Me page turns off potential bidders. If you choose to update, you need to edit it by using HTML. If you don’t use HTML, you have to create a whole new page.

You can link to your About Me page from your website or from your e-mail because all About Me pages have their own personal URLs. The address ends with your User ID.