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Survey Your Sales on Your My eBay Sell Page

By Marsha Collier

Your My eBay page supplies you with the tools to keep track of items you’re selling on eBay. The My eBay Sell page works much the same as the Buy page, but this time you’re making the money — not spending it! Your current auctions and fixed-price listings are listed in the Active area.

The auctions with bids on them appear in green, and the ones without bids (or where the reserve hasn’t been met) are in red. In the left column, you have a dollar total of the current bids on your auctions, items sold, and totals of payments received.

Your Active Selling page

As with the Buy section, the Sell area keeps track of your ongoing listings on eBay. You can observe the action in real time (or at least every time you refresh the page). You can see how many bids have been placed, when an auction closes, and the time left in an auction.

If you want more information about what’s going on (for example, how many people are watching or bidding), just peruse your listings in this area.

Your Sold page

When the sale is final, the items go into the Sold area. Here’s where you can keep track of the sale. You can check whether the buyer has paid with PayPal as well as the transaction status.

If the buyer has completed Checkout, you can get his or her information by clicking the Next Steps/Status link. If the buyer hasn’t completed Checkout, you can click the Send Invoice button to send the buyer an invoice. Very handy!


If you haven’t heard from the buyer after a day after purchase, you may need to re-send your invoice.

After the transaction is complete (which means the item has arrived and the buyer is happy with his or her purchase), you can click the handy Leave Feedback link to leave feedback about the buyer.

You can also relist the item from a quick link or place a Second Chance offer to an underbidder if you have more than one of the item.

eBay’s Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro

If you’re at the point where you’re selling bunches of items on the site, you may want to subscribe to one of eBay’s Selling Manager tools. These tools make your Selling area look completely different and give you the opportunity to handle more sales in a compact and convenient design.