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Should You List Your eBay Auction in Two Categories?

By Marsha Collier

One way to increase the income you earn from your eBay auctions is to use eBay categories to ensure that your listing reaches the right customers. With tens of thousands of categories, finding the right place for your item can be daunting. You have to apply some marketing techniques when deciding where to place your auctions to best advantage. You should always also be thinking about your budget; for example, you can list an item in two separate categories, but you have to pay double for that. Does your budget allow for it? Will the added expense really bring in more customers?

To find where other sellers have listed items that are similar to yours, perform a completed item search for your item. In the Search box, type your item keywords. When you get the results, click the option on the left side of the page to Show Only: Completed Listings. When you get the results, indicate that you want them sorted by highest prices first by using the drop-down menu.


After you have your results, click the completed listings with the highest bids. At the top of the auction page, you’ll see the listed category. You may find that your item is listed successfully in more than one category.

Check the active listings; are lots of people selling your item? If you see that you’re one of 40 or 50 selling the item, you need to get creative as to where to list your item. Evaluate the item and its potential buyers. In what categories would someone shopping for your item search?

Suppose that you’ve found two perfect categories in which to list your item. eBay allows you to list an item in two categories when using the Search Categories tool, but does that mean it’s the best marketing decision for your listing? That depends. When you list an item in two categories, you must pay two listing fees. Depending on the time, the season, the availability of your item, and how much you paid for it, you probably don’t have the money to budget for paying double listing fees (and double any options you use). In addition, most eBay buyers (busy people that they are) use the search engine because they can find what they’re looking for quickly. If they search for your item using the search engine rather than by browsing the categories, listing the item in two categories is a needless expense; list in one and let the search engine find it.


You can change your category mid-auction, starting it in one category and ending it in another, as long as your listing has no bids. And at the end of an auction in which your item doesn’t sell, you can use the relisting feature to run the auction again in another category.