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Shipping eBay Items via FedEx

By Marsha Collier

FedEx Express Air is great for rush business, but Express seems rather expensive for eBay shipping. However, if the buyer wants it fast and is willing to pay, send it by FedEx overnight.

FedEx Ground service has competitive prices and carries all the best features of FedEx. FedEx Ground can be used for items that are heavy (say, pro-style barbells) or extremely large (such as a 1920s steamer trunk), because FedEx ships anything up to 150 pounds in a single box — 80 more pounds than the U.S. Postal Service takes.

FedEx also delivers on Saturdays — which UPS won’t. It also charges to pick up items from shippers whose shipping incurs less than $60 in weekly package charges.

The FedEx boxes are small and tough. But if you’re thinking of reusing these boxes to ship with another service, forget it: The FedEx logo is plastered all over every inch of the freebies, and the company may get seriously peeved about it. You can’t use those fancy boxes for its Ground service.

The FedEx Ground Home Delivery service is a major competitor for UPS. The rates are competitive, and FedEx offers a money-back guarantee (if it misses the delivery window) for residential ground delivery. For residential delivery, FedEx charges an additional $2.80 per package.

A 2-pound package going from Los Angeles to a residence in New York City takes four days and costs $9.71 plus a $0.63 fuel surcharge for a total of $10.34, including the Home Delivery fee. FedEx includes online package tracking and insurance up to $100 in this price. You have to be a business to avail yourself of home delivery — but plenty of home businesses exist.

The same 2-pound U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail package with $100 insurance and a delivery confirmation costs you $12.33. (But remember, you know how to get free tracking, and insurance can cost much less with private package insurance!)

Granted, the package will arrive within two to three days, but FedEx Ground guarantees a five-day delivery, and a few Priority Mail packages can take up to a week. FedEx Ground won’t supply boxes for you, so you’re on your own there. When you drop off your box at UPS, you can get four-day service for $14.95.

The link for rates is conveniently located at the top of the FedEx home page.