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Search for Misspellings to Find Deals on eBay

By Marsha Collier

Some of the best buys on eBay are the result of searching for misspellings. Many sellers are in a hurry when they set up their auction listings, and to err is human (and to win, divine). The payoff for bargain hunters is, well, a bargain.

Think of alternative spellings when you search for an item. One example is Von Furstenburg for Von Furstenberg. Usually, you can search for the correct spelling and find a bunch of items where the bidding can get steep. But when you search for the misspelled version, you may find identical items that have no bids, because you’re the only one who has found the listing.


You can search for both the correct and incorrect spellings by using a search such as (furstenberg,furstenburg).

eBay smartened up and now sometimes shows alternative spellings — but not always (what is the right way to spell L’Occitane?).

A couple other favorite misspellings are neckless (instead of necklace) — currently 1,372 items up for sale — and vidio (instead of video), for which 242 are currently on the site. A misspelled search for a popular electronics game yielded 146 items spelled Nitendo. Note that eBay did suggest the proper spelling of Nintendo, with 303,218 items.