Safety Tips for Giving Feedback on eBay - dummies

By Marsha Collier

While eBay does a good job of setting up a safe feedback system, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure your own safety. You may want to study up on these tips:

  • Remember that feedback, whether good or bad, is sticky. eBay won’t remove your feedback comment if you change your mind later. Be sure of your facts and carefully consider what you want to say.

  • Before you leave feedback, read what other people had to say about that person. See whether what you’re thinking is in line with the comments others have left.

  • You can leave feedback comments as long as the transaction remains on the eBay server. This is usually within 60 days of the end of the auction. After 60 days have passed, you may still be able to leave feedback if you have the transaction number.

  • Your comment can be a maximum of 80 letters. Okay, that’s really short when you have a lot to say. Before you start typing, organize your thoughts and use common abbreviations to save precious space.

  • Before posting negative feedback, try to resolve the problem by eBay messages or telephone. You may discover that your reaction to the transaction is based on a misunderstanding that can be easily resolved.

  • Use negative feedback only as a last, desperate resort. It’s worth remembering that eBay members generally want to make each other happy.

If, as a buyer, you leave a negative or neutral comment that you later regret, you can change your words but not the rating. You can go back to follow up and leave an explanation or a more positive comment and change the initial feedback. If you write a nice message to the other person in the transaction and are able to solve a problem, make the change.