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Review Your eBay Listings Regularly

After a while, the temptation is to not review your listings after submitting them. After all, they’ve looked fine for weeks, and you’ve not made any significant changes to your listing format, so why waste the time checking the look of final listing? Well . . . mistakes will happen. Easy-to-miss goofs affect your listing layout. When editing your description, you might have accidentally deleted one part of a pair of HTML tags. Even worse, you might have removed a part of your shipping or payment policies. So every few weeks, take a close look at a few of your listings to make sure they still display all the information as you designed them to.

Every so often you should go to the eBay home page, pretend you’re a buyer looking for one of the items that you’re selling, and see what your imaginary shopping experience is like. Ask yourself what words you would use to search for your merchandise, and then do a search and make sure that your merchandise is displayed. Click one of your titles, and imagine you’re viewing it for the first time. Is all the information available that you need before you can make a decision to purchase the item? Putting yourself in the shoes of a customer is an invaluable final step in making sure that your listings are visible and readable.