PayPal Error Codes You May Encounter - dummies

PayPal Error Codes You May Encounter

By Victoria Rosenborg, Marsha Collier

Part of PayPal For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you use PayPal just to pay for things online, you’ll probably never run into error codes. However, if you’re a merchant accepting payments through PayPal, you may want to familiarize yourself with the following error codes and their meanings — or at least know that the info in the following table can help explain things if you do encounter an error message.

Error String or Number Description
10001 Unexpected error
10002 Authentication error
10003 Missing Required Arguments
10004 Invalid Argument
10005 Unsupported feature
10006 Unsupported version
10007 Permission Denied
10009 Server refused request
11001 Invalid argument warning
11002 FYI warning
PA_Long_Error_ACH_Not_Verified Your ACH is not verified.
PA_Long_Error_Authentication Your username or password is incorrect.
PA_Long_Error_Authentication_Not_Authorized You don’t have the correct permission to call the
PA_Long_Error_Authentication_Invalid_Token Your token is invalid.
PA_Long_Error_Counterparty_Locked_Or_Inactive The account of the other person in the transaction is either
locked or inactive.
PA_Long_Error_Currency_Invalid The payment currency is invalid.
PA_Long_Error_Currency_Not_Supported The currency of the payment is not supported.
PA_Long_Error_Memo_Invalid Invalid characters have been entered into the memo field.
PA_Long_Error_Soap_Header_Null Your SOAP header is null.
PA_Long_Error_Transaction_Could_Not_Load The transaction could not be loaded.
PA_Long_Error_Transaction_Id_Invalid The ID of the transaction is invalid.
PA_Long_Error_User_Locked_Or_Inactive Your account is either locked or inactive.
PA_Long_Error_User_Restricted Your account is restricted.
PA_Long_Error_Version_Not_Supported You are trying to make a call to an unsupported version.
PA_Long_Error_Version_Not_Valid The version is invalid.
PA_Long_Warning_Encryption_Failed A warning message letting you know the transaction ID may be
PA_Long_Warning_Memo_Truncated The content of the memo was too long and had to be
PA_Long_Error_WS_Security The necessary WS security elements were not found.
PA_Long_Error_Security The security header is invalid.
PA_Long_Error_Invalid_Account_Number The account number is not valid.