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Online Sources to Help You Price eBay Collectibles

By Marsha Collier

Many websites devoted to different collectible areas list prices at recently completed auctions. This information is useful to sellers on eBay. These auctions are the best evaluation of an item’s value because they’re usually directed toward specialists in the specific collectible category. Most of the participants in these auctions really know their stuff.

You may have to poke around the following websites to find the prices realized at auction, but once you do, you’ll have the holy grail of estimated values. Look for links that point to auction archives. Many of these sites will take your item on consignment as well and sell it to their audience:

Online appraisals seem quite tempting at first glance, but unless the person doing the appraisal can actually see and feel the item, an accurate appraisal can’t be performed. Also, you have no guarantee that the person at the other end is really an expert in the field that relates to your item. The bottom line here is that if it’s an item of real value and it’s worth appraising, it’s worth getting appraised in person.

Most large cities have auction houses, and many of those auction houses have monthly consignment clinics (a way for auction houses to get merchandise for their future auctions). If you bring an item to the auction house, you aren’t legally bound to have it sell your item for you, but it might not be a bad idea. All you’ll get is a free verbal appraisal; the auction house won’t fill out any official paperwork or anything, but at least you’ll get an idea of what your item is worth. Real appraisals are expensive, are performed by licensed professionals, and come with a formal appraisal document.

Terapeak is a new tool for sellers who need to research pricing on eBay. This is a subscription service that allows you to get the lowdown on sales and pricing for your items as far back as 365 days. Because it’s a subscription service, you must pay a minimum $9.95 monthly fee, and you can search back as far as 45 days (back 365 days for $24.95 a month). If you routinely sell some fairly pricey items, this tool may be worth looking into.