Managing Your eBay Business with the My eBay Page - dummies

Managing Your eBay Business with the My eBay Page

By Marsha Collier

When you sign up on eBay, the first tool eBay gives you is your My eBay page. Every time you sign on to the site, this page will pop up on your screen with a cheery greeting, followed by your current feedback rating. The My eBay page is the perfect tool for running a small eBay business. It’s no longer a step-by-step list of what you’re bidding on and selling; it’s an out-and-out Swiss Army knife of eBay tools.

Access the My eBay page by clicking the My eBay button in the eBay navigation links, which appear at the top of every eBay page. You’ll see that if you mouse over one of the five selections, a drop-down menu appears. You can go directly to the main pages by clicking the navigation bar. But if you know that you want to go to one of the specialized areas, you can mouse over and click the individual links.

When you arrive at your My eBay page, you see a summary of the business that you have in progress on the site. Each comment has a link so you can investigate the progress of each transaction.

Most My eBay areas are divided into several areas (Summary, Buy, Lists, Sell, and the Resolution Center), which you can visit by clicking links in the My eBay Views area on the left side of the page. The top link of each My eBay area presents you with a summary of the activity in that area. The links below the top link take you to specific data, without making you scroll through a long page.

Even if you subscribe to eBay’s Selling Manager later (after you get your feet wet), you might want to check back to this page from time to time. You’ll see information here you won’t see anywhere else, such as Total Views.


At the bottom of My eBay Views is another area with Shortcuts to services and to answers you may need while doing business at eBay. You also see a box showing the icons that eBay uses on the My eBay pages.


On the left side of each of the Views is a mini-sized tote board, giving you a snapshot of your financial business dealings. In the Buying area, it displays the number of items you’re bidding on and the dollar amount of all your winning bids. In the Selling area, you see the number of items and the dollar amounts bid.


The My eBay page also has other handy tools:

  • All Buying: All Buying is the place to keep track of your bids, your wins, items you’re watching, and any items you didn’t win.

  • All Selling: On your Selling page, you can track items you currently have up for auction and items you’ve sold.

  • All Lists: If you want to keep track of items (say you’ve set up a Christmas gift list) and have an interest in a few categories, look no further than the My eBay All Lists.

At the top of all your My eBay pages are tabs that link to some of the most important parts of your eBay account:

  • Activity: Clicking the Activity tab leads to the My eBay information discussed previously.

  • Messages: The Messages tab is where you connect to the eBay e-mail system. This tab is a wonderful tool that gives you your own e-mail hubs for eBay business.

  • Account: Mouse over the Account tab to see the drop-down menu. Clicking the individual links on this tab will bring you to the individual segments of your account. This section is chock-full of important info for you to know. The main Account tab lets you know how much you owe eBay and how much they will charge your credit card that month. This is a quick way to check your last invoice, payments and credits, and your account; all the links are located in one area.