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Keep Your Buyer Informed about an eBay Purchase

You probably aren’t going to send out a payment-received letter for every eBay transaction, especially when they’re paid through PayPal. But it would surely be nice if you did. Staying in constant communication with your buyers will make them feel more secure with you and with buying on eBay. You want them to come back, don’t you?

When you receive payment and are ready to ship, sending a short note like the following helps to instill loyalty in your customer (eBay makes this easy with Selling Manager Pro):

Hi there, (name of winner),

Your payment was received and your item will ship tomorrow. Please e-mail me when it arrives so that I can hear how pleased you are with your purchase.

When the transaction is over, I hope you will leave honest, five-star, positive feedback for me because building a good reputation on eBay is very important. I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you for bidding & winning,

John Q. Public (j_q_public)

Don’t forget to say thank you. What do all the successful big-name department stores have in common? Yes, great prices, good merchandise, and nice displays. But with all things being equal, customer service always wins, hands down. One department store in the United States, Nordstrom, has such a great reputation that the store happily took back a set of snow tires because a customer wasn’t happy with them. No big deal? Nordstrom doesn’t even sell snow tires!

You can always send the automatic e-mail from your shipper announcing the shipment tracking number. A better method is to send the e-mail from PayPal by inserting the tracking number into the PayPal payment record. This way you cover two bases: Your buyer is notified of shipping, and PayPal has the record that you’ve shipped an item.

These e-mails aren’t very personalized (although you can personalize them somewhat), so you should follow up through eBay’s Selling Manager Pro program, with another, more personal note:

Subject: Your book is on the way!

Hi, (buyer’s name)!

You will be receiving another e-mail from PayPal with the package’s delivery confirmation number and information on the mode of shipment.

Thank you for buying my item. If there is any question when the package arrives, PLEASE e-mail me immediately. Your satisfaction is my goal, and I’m sure any problem can be easily taken care of. Please let me know when the package arrives so that we can exchange some very positive feedback!

John Q. Public (j_q_public)