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Keep Paper Copies of Your eBay Transactions

By Marsha Collier

Paper still has its uses, and when you’re just starting out on eBay, printing copies of your purchase records can help you keep your transactions straight.

The item page shows the amount of your winning bid, the item’s description, and other relevant information. The second you find out that you’ve won the item, click the Print link that appears to the right of the Description tab and print a copy of the item page for your files.

If you’re the techie type, you might just want to take a screen grab of the item’s description.

Many people keep a separate folder on their computer to keep screen grabs of the item descriptions. Be sure to name the JPEGs with the item title so, if necessary, you can find the transaction later. To keep your eBay e-mails together, make a new folder in your e-mail program and drag all purchase-related e-mails there.

eBay displays listings for only 90 days in the Bidder search, so don’t put off saving the details from that final item page for your records. If you save your End of Sale e-mails that you get from eBay, you can access the listing for up to 90 days if you use the link in the e-mail.

Many sellers have multiple listings going at the same time, so the more organized you are, the more likely you will receive the correct item (and quick feedback) from the seller. Here’s a list of the items you should keep in your item purchases folder:

  • A copy of your e-mail from eBay. Don’t delete the e-mail! You may need to refer to the e-mail later, and there’s no way to get another copy.

  • Archive copies of any e-mail correspondence between you and the seller that details specific information about the item or circumstances of shipping arrangements.

  • A copy of the final listing page.

Sellers can update their listings while they’re in progress, so keep your eyes peeled for changes in the listing as you monitor it. If the seller makes major changes, you are within your rights to withdraw your bid.