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Keep eBay Contact Info Current

eBay members have user IDs rather than expose their e-mail addresses for all to see. However, you must supply eBay with your contact information. When you register with eBay, its software immediately checks your primary phone number area code against your ZIP code to verify that the two numbers are from the same city. If you’ve supplied incompatible codes, the eBay servers will recognize that and ask you to reinput the correct codes.

An eBay member who’s involved in a transaction with you can get your phone number by clicking Advanced Search next to the eBay search box and then clicking the Find Contact Information link under the Members area on the left side of the page.

When you arrive at the page, you can then request contact information. To be on the up-and-up at eBay (and to keep others honest, too), make sure that you

  • Have your current phone number on file at eBay: If a buyer can’t reach you, you’re in violation and you can be disciplined.
  • Have your current e-mail address on file: If your buyer continually gets e-mail bounced back from your e-mail address, you could get in big trouble.
  • Report all underage buyers: If you suspect that a buyer in one of your transactions is underage (eBay requires that all users be over 18), eBay may close the account. Underage buyers may be using their parent’s credit card without permission, or perhaps even a stolen card, for registration.
  • Verify e-mail purportedly coming from an eBay employee: If someone e-mails you claiming to work for eBay, be sure to check it out before replying. When eBay employees conduct personal business on the site, company policy requires that they use a personal noncompany e-mail address for their user registration. If you suspect someone is impersonating an eBay employee for harmful purposes, contact the eBay Security Center.