Jazz Up Your eBay Listings with HTML - dummies

By Marsha Collier

When you type in your item description on eBay, you have the option of jazzing things up with a bit of HTML coding, or you can use eBay’s HTML text editor. If you know how to use a word processor, you’ll have no trouble dressing up your text with this tool. Here are a few HTML codes that you can insert into your text to help you pretty things up.

HTML Code How to Use It What It Does
<b></b> <b>cool collectible</b> cool collectible (bold type)
<i></i> <i>cool collectible</i> cool collectible (italic type)
<b><i></b></i> <b><i>cool collectible</b></i> cool collectible (bold and italic type)
<font color=red></font> <font color=red>cool collectible</font> cool collectible (selected text appears red)
<font size=+1></font> <font size=+3>cool </font> collectible cool collectible (font size normal+1 through 4, increases size x times)
<br> cool<br>collectible cool
collectible (inserts line break)
<p> cool<p>collectible cool

collectible (inserts paragraph space)

<hr> cool collectible <hr>cheap cool collectible _____________ cheap (inserts horizontal rule)
<h1><h1> h1>cool collectible</h1> cool collectible (converts text to headline size)

You can go back and forth from the HTML text editor to regular input and add additional codes here and there by selecting the View/Edit HTML check box. You can prepare listings ahead of time in an HTML composer in the Mozilla SeaMonkey suite and save them to your computer as plain TXT files. This makes pre-designed listings retrievable for use no matter what program you’re using to list them.