How to Use the Outlook Payment Request Wizard - dummies

How to Use the Outlook Payment Request Wizard

The Outlook Payment Request Wizard lets you send a PayPal request to a customer through e-mail. After you follow the preceding link and download and install the wizard, you’ll see a new option at the top of Microsoft Outlook. To send a PayPal payment request in an e-mail, follow these steps:


  1. Open Outlook and click the Payment Request Wizard tab.

  2. Click Next when the introductory window appears.

  3. Select the type of payment button you want in your e-mail.

    Your button choices are Basic payment, Product, Service, Auction payment, and Donate. To include a button that allows buyers to pay for an item bought at auction, select the Auction payment button.

    If you select any button option other than Auction payment, you’ll be asked for specific information about the item, including price and shipping amount.

  4. Click Next.


    A window appears, where you can fill out the wizard’s form.

  5. Fill in your e-mail address, the winning bidder’s e-mail address, and the eBay item number and click Next.

    You may also include a note, if you’d like.

  6. Select which style of PayPal button you’d like to include in your e-mail and Click Next.


    Double-check everything before previewing the button.

  7. Click Test (at the bottom of the confirmation window).


    You can see what your buyer will see when he or she clicks the button to make a payment.

  8. If you aren’t happy with the results, click the Back button to make changes.

  9. When you’re satisfied with the way the payment window looks, click Insert.

    The payment button appears in your e-mail.

  10. Enter any additional information in your e-mail (a thank-you would be nice), and then click Send to send the e-mail on its merry way to your buyer.