How to Use PayPal Shipping with UPS - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Shippers such as UPS charge different rates based on how often you use their services. If you’re shipping many packages of eBay merchandise a week, it might be best if you print your labels directly from the UPS site. All PayPal UPS shipments are charged the Occasional Shipper rate. If you only use UPS once in a while, the PayPal method will work perfectly for you.

If you’ve selected UPS as your shipper on the PayPal Shipping page, you’re brought to a page with these choices:

  • UPS account: You can open a new UPS account immediately online or, if you have an existing UPS account number, you may type the number in this field.

    To open a new account, you have to verify your company data (it’s already entered here from your PayPal account information) and let UPS know approximately how many packages you ship per week.

  • Shipping payment information: You also have to indicate whether you’d like to pay for your shipping with your PayPal account, or if you’d like the shipping billed to your existing UPS account.

When you’ve finished filling in the form, finish by following these steps:

  1. Click Continue.

    You’ll see a confirmation page.

  2. If the information is correct, click Continue.

    If any of the information is wrong, click Edit and go back and make your corrections.

  3. If the shipping agreement appears, read it and, if you agree, click I Agree.

    Now you’re ready to print a label.

  4. Fill out the requested information.

  5. Print the sample label.

    By printing a sample label, you make sure that your printer is working properly.

  6. Print the label by clicking Print Label.

When your label has printed, you may elect to go back to your PayPal Overview page to track the package by clicking Check Shipment.


The items you’ve selected to ship will include a Check Shipment link, and the charges for your shipment will appear in your history log. to track the package’s progress and confirm delivery, you may click the Check Shipment button at any time after you’ve shipped your item.