How to Use eBay’s Picture Hosting - dummies

By Marsha Collier

You might want to make your first move to take advantage of the 12 free pictures per listing from eBay’s Picture Hosting. First, it’s available at no charge; second, Picture Hosting offers many other benefits, such as ease of uploading.

eBay has two different methods for listing an item. Generally, when you click Sell an Item from the top-of-page navigation bar, you get the Basic Listing tool. For more options and the capability to post a more complete listing, click the Switch to Advanced Tool link at the top of the page to go to the Advanced Listing tool.


At this point, hopefully you know how to list an item on eBay — or, at the very least, you can make your way through the Sell an Item form and get to the Add Pictures step.

When you get to this step, you need to upload a picture to eBay, whether or not you have pictures in your description. Why? Because eBay requires at least one image in the listing and because your uploaded picture becomes part of the ultra-important top area of the item page. This picture will also be the default for use as your all-important image in search results.


You might consider using eBay’s Picture Hosting for your primary images. The 12-image limit that eBay offers should suffice for most listings. If you want to include more photos in the description because the item is rare or detailed, host the other images elsewhere.