How to Time an eBay Sale - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Timing is everything. Sell what you know and know when to sell. Buy low and sell high. Fast quarters are better than slow dollars. Okay, granted, clichés may be painful to hear over and over, but they do contain nuggets of good information. (Perhaps they’re repeated for a reason?)

Experienced eBay sellers know that when planning a sale, timing is almost everything. Fur coats don’t sell well in July, and as a seller of collectibles you don’t want to be caught with 200 Nintendo WiiU games during a run on Xbox. (Hold on to them; vintage games do sell well.) Star Wars action figures are traditionally good sellers unless a new sci-fi title is all the rage.

Some items — such as good antiques, rugs, baseball cards, and sports cars — are timeless. But timing still counts. Don’t put your rare, antique paper cutter up for auction if someone else is selling one at the same time.

Timing is hardly an exact science. Rather, timing is a little bit of common sense, a dash of marketing, and a fair amount of information gathering. Do a little research among your friends. What are they interested in? Would they buy your item?

Use eBay itself as a research tool. Search Sold listings to see whether anyone’s making money on the same type of item. If people are crazed for some fad item and you have a bunch of those, yesterday was the time to sell. (In other words, if you want your money out of ’em, get crackin’ and get packin’.)

If the eBay market is already flooded with dozens of an item and no one is making money on them, you can afford to wait before you plan your listing.