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How to Submit Your eBay Store URL to Google

By Marsha Collier

Have you ever googled your eBay Store or website? To be a successful eBay entrepreneur, googling your business from time to time is a must to see where you stack up in comparison to the competition.


You, too, should Google yourself, your website, and eBay Store to see where and if it’s listed. If you find nothing, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for free promotion. Google runs spiders (just picture the way a spider runs — swiftly and all over the place) that scour the Internet on a monthly basis, looking for data to add to the Google index.

Thousands of sites (and you do know that since your eBay Store has a unique URL, it’s considered to be a website) are added to the Google index every time their spiders crawl the web.

If your eBay Store isn’t listed, it’s time to submit your URL. When you get to this page, follow the instructions to get your eBay Store URL indexed. To find your store’s URL, click the red store tag next to your eBay user ID to go to your store, and then copy and paste the URL (in the address line of your browser) into the URL line on the form.


There are no guarantees here, but odds are you’ll find your little shop on Google within a few weeks. To get the full benefit of Google’s massive power, be sure to register and verify your business website on Google’s webmaster Tools.