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How to Sign Up Online to Ship Your eBay Merchandise with FedEx

By Marsha Collier

You sign up for a FedEx account only once to ship your eBay merchandise, but it’s a two-step process. If you just want to log in to the website, you can. At that point, decide whether you want to sign up for an actual, for-real FedEx account. When you have a login and an account, you’ll be able to ship your items quickly from your own private FedEx web space.

To get a FedEx account and be able to ship right away, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. On the left side of the screen, click the New Customer? Register Now link.

    The FedEx registration page appears.

  3. Read the options on the FedEx page and decide how you wish to register online.

    Click the appropriate link to either open a FedEx account, bring your existing account online, or if you ship only occasionally, get a user ID only.

  4. If you’re signing up for a new account, click the Open a FedEx Account link.

  5. On the resulting registration page, type the following information:

    • User ID: Make up an ID you’ll remember.

    • Password: Come up with a password you’ll remember.

    • Secret Question: Input your password reminder, secret question, and answer. This way, if you ever forget your password or have to prove your identity to FedEx, you’ll have a mind jogger.

    • Contact information: Type your name, company name (optional), address, city, state, e-mail address, and phone number.

    • Agree to the terms of use: If you want to ship via FedEx, you must agree to their terms. Click the link provided if you want some boring legalese to read. When you decide to play by their rules, click I Accept.

  6. Read the FedEx Terms of Use agreement and then select the checkbox, indicating that you read and accept the terms.

  7. Select the Open a FedEx Account option near the bottom of the registration page (if it’s not already selected).

  8. Click the Continue link.

  9. Follow the prompts and input your credit card information.

    Finally, you’re presented with your very own nine-digit FedEx account number.

If you want to ship something now, click Start Using FedEx Ship Manager. Otherwise, log in later when you’re ready to ship.