How to Search for eBay Members - dummies

How to Search for eBay Members

By Marsha Collier

With millions of eBay users on the loose, you may think tracking folks down is hard. Nope. eBay’s powerful search engine kicks into high gear to help you find other eBay members in seconds.

Here’s how to find people or get info on them from eBay:

  1. From the top of most eBay pages, click the Advanced link next to the Search box.

    This action takes you to the main Search page, where two links appear on the left side of the page, under Members.

  2. In the box on the left side of the page, click the Find a Member link.

    This link takes you to the main Find Members page, where you can search for other members of the community. When you find the member, you can see his or her About Me page. You can also get a look at the feedback profile of a user, find User ID histories of fellow eBay members (which comes in handy when you’re bidding on items), or get contact information when you’re involved in a transaction.

If you’re involved in a transaction with another eBay member and feel that you need to contact the individual by phone, click the Find Contact Information link, which is under the Advanced Search, Members heading on the left side of the screen. On that page you’ll need to type the transaction number, along with the other person’s User ID.

eBay compares this data with yours; if you are indeed involved in a transaction with each other, eBay e-mails you the other person’s phone number (along with the person’s full name, city, and state). Your contact information is, in turn, sent to the other party.

Clicking the arrow in the Favorite Searches drop-down box at the top right of the page allows you to scroll through your My eBay Favorite Searches. You can tell eBay about the items you’re looking for, and it does automatic searches for you. You can also have eBay e-mail you when auctions that match your descriptions crop up.