How to Respond to Feedback on eBay - dummies

By Marsha Collier

After reading feedback you’ve received from others on eBay, you may feel compelled to respond. If the feedback is negative, you may want to defend yourself. If it’s positive, you may want to say thank you.

Do not confuse responding to feedback with leaving feedback. Responding does not change the other user’s feedback rating; it merely adds your response below the feedback comment in your own feedback profile.

To respond to feedback, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Leave Feedback link of your my eBay page, scroll to the bottom of the next page, and click the Feedback Forum link.

    You’re transported to the Feedback Forum page.

  2. Click the Reply to Feedback Received link.

  3. When you find the feedback you want to respond to, click the Reply link.

  4. Type your response.

Only under certain, special circumstances will eBay remove feedback:

  • eBay is served with a court order stating that the feedback in question is slanderous, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise illegal. eBay will also accept a settlement agreement from a resolved lawsuit submitted by both attorneys and signed by both parties.

  • The feedback in question has no relation to eBay — such as comments about transactions outside eBay or personal comments about users.

  • The feedback contains a link to another page, picture, or a script.

  • The feedback comprises inappropriate comments. Check out eBay’s policy for what it deems inappropriate.

  • The feedback contains any personal identifying information about a user.

  • The feedback is left by a user who supplied invalid contact information and couldn’t be contacted.

  • The feedback is intended for another user, when eBay has been informed of the situation and the same feedback has been left for the appropriate user.

eBay used to permit buyers and sellers to mutually withdraw feedback after they agreed that the transaction went OK. This is no longer the policy. To check on the current feedback removal policies, go to or