How to Relist and Sell Similar Items on eBay with Selling Manager

By Marsha Collier

Wouldn’t it be better if you could select a whole bunch of items and relist them on eBay all together? Step up to Selling Manager for a one-click option. You can access items that have not sold, logically enough, from the Unsold Items area. Relisting is accomplished with a click of the mouse.

To relist an item (or Sell Similar) through Selling Manager, follow these steps:

1Go to the Unsold Items listings.

To do so, click the appropriate link on the left of the page in Selling Manager (or just link through the Summary page).

2Mark the items to relist (or Sell Similar) by selecting the check box next to each item’s Title.

You may select any or all of the items listed on the page.

3Click the Relist button (or the Sell Similar button).

The Relist Multiple Items page appears.

4Review all the items listed.

Don’t forget to review the fees for doing this.

5Submit the items by clicking the Submit All button.

If you proceed at this point, the items will be relisted exactly as you had them listed before. At the bottom of the list, eBay recaps all relisting fees.