How to Promote Items on Your eBay Store - dummies

By Marsha Collier

eBay has added some excellent ways to promote your Store. As an eBay Store owner, you have access to promotional tools that other sellers can’t use. One of the most valuable of these is cross-promotions — there’s no charge to use it, either!

  • Cross-promotions: The cross-promotion box appears after a buyer purchases an item from an eBay seller. The beauty of having an eBay Store is that the cross-promotion box appears twice: once with your regular listings and again with a different assortment of items, after someone buys an item. Best of all? You get to select which categories’ items are selected from to display with your individual auctions.


    You can set up the promotions so that they default to show other items from related store categories. Again, every listing has two sets of options: one for when a user views your listings and the other for when someone bids or wins your item.

  • Markdown Manager: So you say you have to raise some cash to buy new merchandise? Why not run a sale? By clicking here, you can select items to put on sale. After they’ve been marked down, they’ll appear as “On Sale.”