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How to Monitor Your eBay Item’s Hits

By Marsha Collier

Your item is up and running on eBay, and you’re dying to know how many people have stopped by to take a look. To easily monitor your hits — the number of times visitors stop to look at the goods — you can use eBay’s free visitor counter (one of your options when listing the item).

A counter is a useful marketing tool; for example, you can check the number of times people have looked at but not bid on your items.

eBay probably will be removing this feature in the near future, as they have made this information publicly viewable on the listing page.


If you have lots more lookie-loos than bids, you may have a problem.

If your counter indicates that you’re not getting many hits, consider the following potential problems so you can resurrect your sale:

  • Does the picture take too long to load?

  • Is the opening bid/selling price too high?

  • Are those neon-orange-and-lime-green bell-bottoms just too retro to sell?

Counters are available when you’re listing your item on the eBay Sell Your Item form. You can also view the number of views — as well as how many people have marked your item to “watch” on your My eBay: All Selling page.