How to Monitor eBay Auctions with the Watch List - dummies

How to Monitor eBay Auctions with the Watch List

By Marsha Collier

You’ve probably seen the Watch this item link at the top of each eBay listing page. Click it to add that item to your Watch list, which is available from your my eBay page.

Clicking the Watch list link from my eBay brings you to the Watch list, one of the most powerful features of the my eBay Lists area. If you’re watching items, you’ll see a notation on the page, indicating how many auctions you’re currently watching.

This page lists each watched item with a countdown (time left) timer, so you know exactly when the auction will close. When a listing on your watch list gets close to ending, you can swoop down and make the kill — if the price is right.


Here are two great ways to use the Watch list:

  • As a buyer: Are you interested in an item? You can observe the bidding action — the number of bids and how fast the price is rising (or not) — without showing your hand to the competition.

    The watch-list function helps you keep your bargain-hunting quiet. Everybody knows when you’re bidding on an item; nobody knows when you’re watching the deals like a hawk. When you’re looking for bargains to buy and resell, you may not want to tip off the competition by letting them know you’re bidding.

  • As a seller: Also a handy marketing tool, the Watch list allows you to store listings from competitive sellers. That way, you can monitor the status of items similar to ones you plan to sell later — and see whether the items are selling high or low, which helps you to decide whether it’s a good time to sell.