How to Market Your eBay Business on Facebook - dummies

How to Market Your eBay Business on Facebook

By Marsha Collier

Your eBay business will need all the friends it can get. Enter Facebook. Making friends with strangers can feel creepy, especially on a personal Facebook page. But your prospective customers are all strangers until you interact with them.

To build your brand on Facebook, you have to start a business page. The hard part is moving business friends away from your personal page to your fan page. In today’s social media, business has become personal. So unless you’re new to Facebook, you will have some adapting to do.

Facebook business page benefits

A personal page is fun for connecting and sharing, but Facebook business pages have far more flexibility. The trade-off is that your business page will take a bit more finesse to maintain because it blends personal contact and marketing.

  • You can have more than 5,000 friends (fans or Likes on your business page). Do you want that many? The answer is yes if you plan on selling anything online.

  • You can use your business name as the page title, making it easier for the page to be indexed by Google. This helps your business’s SEO (search engine optimization) and may add strength to the listing position of your business website.

  • Those who Like the page are opting in for your updates. Treat this valuable resource with respect and don’t barrage them with promotions.

  • You can customize the page into a mini-site that includes contact forms, sales pages, blog feeds, contests, and even a store.

  • Statistics are available on each individual post on your page.


  • Status updates are filtered by Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, which places what it deems to be the most relevant content in news feeds. Business pages can use a paid ad tool to enhance the number of views a single post garners.

  • You can purchase ads that point to your business page or your website. These ads, which appear in Facebook’s right-side border, can be targeted using 15 criteria and even more subcriteria. You can narrow the audience to a city and even to a specific ZIP code.

Engage and build your audience

It’s time to be your charming self. As the head of your business, your business page should reflect you. In the beginning, you may feel as though you’re talking to yourself and a dozen or so family and friends. But don’t give up. Slow and steady wins the race.

Only one in five posts on your Facebook business page should be promotional. The other four posts should be about something your audience will appreciate but not directly about your business.

Find other businesses, perhaps in your field or neighborhood, with which you are friendly and Like their pages from your business page.