How to Keep Track of Your eBay Bids - dummies

By Marsha Collier


If you’re shopping on eBay, make the bidding page a daily stop so you can see the status of your bids:


  • Bid amounts in green indicate that you’re the high bidder in the auction.

  • Bid amounts in red indicate that your bid is losing. If you decide to increase your bid, simply click the auction title to go to the auction.

  • The My Max Bid column reminds you of the amount of your highest bid; if you see a bid that’s getting close to surpassing your own, you’ll know it’s time to throw in another bid (or throw in the towel).

  • The Buying Totals box, on the left side of the Buy: All Buying page, lists the current dollar amount you’re spending and the number of items you’re currently winning in pending auctions. You’ll see the total amount you’ve bid and a separate total representing auctions you’ve won.

  • As auctions on which you’ve bid end, they transfer automatically to the Won and Didn’t Win pages.

You can make notations on your bidding or item-watching. Click to place a check mark next to the item you want to annotate, click the Add Note button, and then add the information.

Clicking the Won/Purchased link in the bidding area displays all the items you’ve won or bought as far back as the last 60 days. The Won/Purchased page is a great place to keep track of items that you’re waiting to receive from sellers. It’s also a convenient way to keep track of your expenditures, should you be buying for resale. Helpful features on this page include the following:

  • Check box: Click this box to add a check mark, and you can indicate that you’d like to add a note to your record, add the item to a list, or delete it.

  • Seller’s user ID: It always helps to remember the seller’s name, and this link sends you to the seller’s Member Profile (feedback page) where you can send an e-mail to the seller.

  • Listing title: A link to the item. Use this link when an item arrives to check that the item you received is as advertised.

  • Item sale date: A convenient way to see whether your item is slow in shipping. After a week, it doesn’t hurt to drop the seller an e-mail to check on the item’s shipping status.

  • Sale price and shipping cost: These help you keep track of the money you’ve spent. You use them with the totals in your tote board.

  • Actions: This drop-down menu displays commands that differ according to the status of your transaction. You can click a link to pay for the item through PayPal, view the payment status on paid items, mark the item paid if you’ve already paid through methods other than PayPal, or leave feedback after you’ve received the item and are satisfied that it’s what you ordered.

  • Icons: At the end of each item’s listing you can find a list of icons that appear dimmed until the selected action is taken.