How to Join PayPal Shops - dummies

How to Join PayPal Shops

Joining PayPal shops lets you sell your merchandise directly through PayPal. This is a great opportunity to expand your customer base, buy you need to meet the requirements of the application process.

Joining PayPal shops offers you an additional benefit. When a customer sends you payment from an area other than your Web site, PayPal displays an invitation to shop at your store! A sample invitation is shown here.

An invitation from PayPal Shops.
An invitation from PayPal Shops.

That’s a cool deal, don’t you think? But, as with any cool deal, you must meet a few requirements before you can set up your shop at PayPal:

  • Verified premier or business account: You must maintain one of the higher-level PayPal accounts.

  • Registered credit card: You must maintain a current credit card registered to your PayPal account.

  • Confirmed checking account: You must have at least one confirmed checking account tied in to your PayPal account.

  • Money market fund: You are required to sign up for the PayPal money market fund. This means you must supply PayPal with your Social Security number or the Federal ID number for your business.

Keep in mind that PayPal does not send out Federal 1099 forms on your PayPal sales. That income is coming from your buyers, and because you’re not paid by PayPal, they won’t issue a 1099 for your PayPal sales.

After you’re committed to the idea that you’d like a PayPal shop (and assuming that you’re qualified), the application process is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Give your PayPal shop a name.

    The name doesn’t have to match your Web site. Give your shop a smart marketing name, something that will catch a person’s eye while browsing the stores.

  2. Give PayPal the URL that you want to link your PayPal shop to.

    This can be your eBay store or your own e-commerce, PayPal-enabled Web site.

  3. Type a short description of your Web site.

    Be as descriptive as possible and make it interesting!

  4. Select the two categories from the PayPal Shops category list that best describe your store.

  5. List up to ten keywords to describe your store to search engines.

    Be smart! Find out which are your best keywords with the Google keyword tool.