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How to Give Detailed Star Ratings to an eBay Seller

By Marsha Collier

In addition to a feedback comment and rating (positive, negative, or neutral), eBay buyers can leave detailed seller ratings, too. After the buyer types a comment, he or she is prompted to rate the seller with one to five stars on four different factors of the transaction.


In some cases, Detailed Star Ratings (DSRs) are grayed out when you attempt to leave feedback. This situation occurs under three circumstances:

  • Communication: If you haven’t sent any messages to the seller via eBay’s message system, the seller specifies one-day handling time and uploads tracking information by the end of the next business day there will be no option to rate the seller.

  • Shipping quickly: When the seller posts tracking numbers to eBay for your shipment within the time frame promised in the listing and the package arrives within four days, eBay automatically gives the seller a five-star rating.

  • Shipping charges: If the seller provided free shipping, he or she automatically receives a five-star rating.

    Rating Question # of Stars = Meaning In the Real World
    How accurate was the item description? 1 = Very inaccurate
    2 = Inaccurate
    3 = Neither inaccurate or accurate
    4 = Accurate
    5 = Very accurate
    There are different ways to approach this one, but in a black
    and white world, the item is either is as advertised, or it
    How satisfied were you with the seller’s communication? 1 = Very unsatisfied
    2 = Unsatisfied
    3 = Neither unsatisfied or satisfied
    4 = Satisfied
    5 = Very satisfied
    As a buyer, consider being very satisfied if you get good
    communication from a seller when you ask a question, and at least
    get a tracking number notification. But if you haven’t heard from a
    seller until the item reaches your door, this is definitely a
    two-star range rating.
    How quickly did the seller ship the item? 1 = Very slowly
    2 = Slowly
    3 = Neither slowly or quickly
    4 = Quickly
    5 = Very quickly
    As a buyer, you need to check the postmark on the package you
    receive. If the seller ships the next day or the next day after
    that, it’s fair to click 5 (Very quickly), no matter how long the
    postal service took to get it to you.
    How reasonable were the shipping and handling charges? 1 = Very unreasonable
    2 = Unreasonable
    3 = Neither unreasonable or reasonable
    4 = Reasonable
    5 = Very reasonable
    When you purchase an item, you know what the shipping cost will
    be. The only surprise here is when you get an item in a small
    envelope and you’ve paid $9.00 for shipping — or if you paid
    for Priority Mail and it comes in another class of service. This is
    pretty black-and-white. It’s either going to be reasonable or

Here are some other items to keep in mind when you’re deciding on the Detailed Star Ratings for sellers:

  • Shipping takes time: In most cases, as a buyer, it is your choice whether an item is to be shipped via Ground or Priority Mail. You’ve got to realize that Ground shipping can take up to 10 days. This isn’t the seller’s fault. So before leaving this rating, make sure that you always check the postmark or the date on the shipping label.

  • Shipping costs money: Sellers have to add a little charge to cover the costs of tape, boxes, and packing materials. Keep that in mind. If you are unfamiliar with postage rates, you should also know that a package costs a lot more to ship across the country than to ship to the next state. So do a little homework and evaluate shipping costs before you buy.

  • Ratings affect the seller’s costs: If your seller is a Top-Rated Seller, you should also know that your star ratings affect the fees he or she pays to eBay. Being a good seller (with high DSRs) can save 20 percent on Final Values Fees, so your rating is a very serious matter.