How to Give an eBay Seller's Detailed Star Rating (DSRs) - dummies

How to Give an eBay Seller’s Detailed Star Rating (DSRs)

By Marsha Collier

In addition to a feedback comment and rating (positive, negative, or neutral), eBay buyers should leave detailed seller ratings, too. The DSR part of the feedback system asks you to rate sellers by filling in 1 to 5 stars.

A 5-star rating doesn’t cost you anything as the buyer, and if the sellers you buy from are Top Rated Sellers, feedback can affect a discount they receive on their eBay fees. The table outlines what the stars mean when you leave a rating.

What the DSR Stars Mean
Rating Question # of Stars = Meaning
How accurate was the item’s description? 1 = Very inaccurate
2 = Inaccurate
3 = Neither inaccurate nor accurate
4 = Accurate
5 = Very accurate
How satisfied were you with the seller’s communication? 1 = Very unsatisfied
2 = Unsatisfied
3 = Neither unsatisfied nor satisfied
4 = Satisfied
5 = Very satisfied
How quickly did the seller ship the item? 1 = Very slowly
2 = Slowly
3 = Neither slowly nor quickly
4 = Quickly
5 = Very quickly
How reasonable were the shipping and handling charges? 1 = Very unreasonable
2 = Unreasonable
3 = Neither unreasonable nor reasonable
4 = Reasonable
5 = Very reasonable

Here are some other items to keep in mind when you’re deciding on what Detailed Star Rating to leave for a seller:

  • Shipping takes time: You have to realize that Ground shipping can take up to ten days. This isn’t the seller’s fault. So before leaving this rating, make sure to check the postmark or the date on the shipping label.

  • Shipping costs money: Sellers have to add a little to cover the costs of tape, boxes, and packing materials. As a buyer, you have to keep that in mind. If you’re unfamiliar with postage rates, you should also know that a package costs a lot more to ship across the country than to ship to the next state.

    So do a little homework and evaluate shipping costs before you buy. If the shipping is too high, go to another seller.

You may notice when leaving feedback that some start categories are grayed out (you can’t click them). This is because the seller fulfilled requirements such as posting a tracking number quickly, or the package was delivered within the stated time.

If your seller is a Top Rated Seller, you should also know that your star ratings affect the fees he or she pays to eBay. Being a good seller (with high DSRs) can save as much as 20 percent on final value fees, so your rating is a very serious matter.