How to Follow the Action on Your eBay Purchases - dummies

How to Follow the Action on Your eBay Purchases

By Marsha Collier

You’ll probably have the most fun on eBay when you’re shopping. Shopping on eBay is exciting, and you can find a zillion great bargains. Fortunately, eBay gives you a place to keep all your shopping information together: the Buying area.

See the items you’re buying

When you bid on an item, eBay automatically lists the item in the Buy > Active area of your My eBay page. If you’re winning an auction, the price appears in green; if you’re losing, it appears in red. After the auction’s over, the listing moves to Purchase History (yea!) or Didn’t Win (boo!).

You can watch the progress of the auction from here and see the number of bids on the item, the high bid, and how much time is left until the end of the auction. All this information can help you decide whether you want to jump back in and make a bid.

eBay also keeps a total of all your active bids and buys to the left of your data in the Totals: Buying Total box — which helps you stay within your spending limits.

Keep track of your purchased items

When you win an auction or purchase an item with Buy It Now, it appears in the Purchase History area. From this area, you can visit the listing to print the auction page or double-check it.

From the links in the Action column, you can also pay for your item through PayPal; if you’ve already paid, you can view the PayPal payment details. You can also click a Leave Feedback link here from the drop-down menu — after you’ve received the item and are satisfied with your purchase — to leave feedback.