How to File an Insurance Claim with FedEx - dummies

By Marsha Collier

FedEx gives you a little more leeway as to time when you file a claim for your lost eBay merchandise than other carriers. Instead of the 48-hours-after-delivery deadline, you have 15 business days to make your claim. FedEx processes all Concealed Loss and Damage claims within five to seven days after receiving all the paperwork and information.

As with UPS, keep all packaging, along with the item, in case FedEx wants to come and inspect the damage.

You can make your FedEx claim in a couple of ways:

  • By fax: You can download a PDF claim form with instructions.

    Fill out the form and fax it to the number on the form.

  • Online: Fill out the online claim form on a secure server and click the File a Claim on a Package link.

    You must have a FedEx login to begin your claim. You still have to mail or fax your supporting documentation. When you file online, you can also choose to receive e-mail updates from FedEx regarding your claim (good idea).

The claim payment will be sent to the seller, so it’s up to the seller to make restitution with the buyer. As the seller, you should refund the money as soon as the claim is approved.