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How to Download SeaMonkey Composer for Your eBay Listings

By Marsha Collier

Few things in this life are absolute necessities, but photos and good design definitely are when it comes to a successful eBay business. It’s a good idea to start developing templates by building a simple one that includes a space for a photo. Because free tools are great, you can use a Mozilla program called SeaMonkey Composer to do just that.

SeaMonkey is a free, fully functional Windows or Mac Internet suite from Mozilla (the same folks who brought to you Firefox). It consists of a web browser, an e-mail and news-client program, and an HTML editor. In other words, you can get all these programs in one. Many people enjoy occasionally switching from Internet Explorer or Firefox to the feature-rich, faster, less-memory-hogging SeaMonkey.

Because SeaMonkey is a suite (meaning it has several programs all in one), you decide which program you want to run when you click the SeaMonkey icon. Visit the SeaMonkey site to download the free suite. If you just want to use the HTML editor Composer, take the following steps:

  1. After downloading the software, install it by double-clicking the SeaMonkey icon.

    You might just want to play with its superfast web browser and maybe get a feel for its other features.

  2. Click the Window link in the toolbar.

  3. Select Composer from the drop-down menu.

    A blank new window will open with the Composer ready to go.