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How to Create Custom Inserts for Your eBay Listings

By Marsha Collier

Luckily, you don’t have to know a lot of code to produce fancy eBay descriptions. The Create your listing form has an excellent (but basic) HTML generator that has features similar to a word processor.


To apply any of these features (such as bold or italic) to your text, you simply highlight the text and click one of the buttons.

When inputting text, you may notice that eBay’s tool inserts a line space after text when you start a new paragraph. If you want the text to wrap and not have a blank space between text lines, hold down the Shift key while you press the Enter (or Return) key. That forces an HTML line break instead of a paragraph break.

Starting at the top left, you see three drop-down lists. Click to the right of each box and the following options appear:

  • Font name: Apply different fonts to your text. Play around with the different fonts to see which ones you prefer.


  • Size: You can increase or decrease the size of the type. It reads in numbers, or point size. The smallest is 8-point and the largest is 36-point.

  • Color: Want to add some color to your text? Just highlight the text and select black, blue, red, green, yellow, or brown from the plethora of colors available.

After these three drop-down lists, you see a row of buttons:


  • Boldface text


  • Italicize text


  • Underline text


  • Align text to the left


  • Center text


  • Align text to the right


  • Create a numbered list


  • Create a bulleted list


  • “Outdent,” or move indented text back to the left


  • Indent text to the right


  • Check the spelling in your description

Next you’ll come to an amazing and powerful tool. Do you have text (or HTML) that you’d like to have in all your listings? Click the Inserts box and you’ll see some basic inserts for your text that eBay created based on your seller’s profile. To add an insert to your description, simply place your cursor where you’d like the insert to appear, and click that selection from the menu.


You can even create custom inserts of up to 4,000 characters! Create inserts for frequently used text, such as promotional messages, custom policies, or warranty information. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose Insert→Create an Insert.


  2. In the first box, type a name for your insert.

  3. In the second box, type your text or HTML coding (up to 4,000 characters).

  4. When you’re through, click the Save button.

After you create your custom insert, you can add it to any of your descriptions with a click of your mouse. How convenient!